Going on holidays can be quite stressful for not only yourself but your animals too. Animals are much happier in their own homes where they are familiar with the surroundings and not in an unusual environment that may cause them anxiety. 

I offer a range of valuable services for you and your pets. Not only will your pets recieve loads of personal attention, they will be loaded up with lots of loves and cuddles. Dogs will be taken on daily walks weather permitting, if the weather is poor there will be plenty of play time in the home. 

I understand first hand how difficult it can be leaving your pets when you go on holidays, so I will be regularly updating you, unless of course you ask not to be updated. These updates will include texts, photos and videos and can happen as frequently as you wish, all you need to do it ask! 

Other general services that are included in the daily price is daily mail collection, house security and garden maintenance.

I was formerly a veterinary nurse and have been trained in animal first aid. I have a current Police clearance, references, public liability insurance, along with a consistent 5 star rating on my Facebook page. 

Metro Areas:

$30 per night

Easter $50 per night over 4 day Easter period

Christmas / New Years: $50 per night between 23rd December to the 2nd January

Outside of Metro Areas

Monday to Friday $50 per night

Saturday and Sunday $75 per night

A deposit of $50 is required for your booking and a minimum of four days is required for a booking. If you would like less than four days this can be arranged however the full 4 day minimum rate will be required.

Your dates will not be secured until this deposit has been received. The balance will need to be paid one week before your scheduled house sit starts.

Payment can be made by cash at your meet and greet, or paid by direct debit.

DISCLAIMER: Outside of metro areas will require careful consideration and may not be able to be accommodated due to work and study commitments.

To place your interest in having me look after your house please complete your details HERE



This option is for homes that have animals that don't require large amounts of human interaction (cats, birds, fish, reptiles etc) 

Please note that this option will be dependant on my current location for the time you are away.

This includes feeding, changing of litter, changing water and mail collection.

Option one -  one visit per day for 20 minutes(either AM or PM) $30

Option two - two visits per day for 20 minutes each time(one in the morning and one at night) $50

 If you have any an animal that requires a once of drop in please make contact with me for pricing

To apply please advise of your details HERE



Saturday or Sunday


THE BLOCKY - this option is for dogs that don't require long walks and that like to stop and smell the roses! This walk is for half an hour and the time starts once we leave your front yard. The walk will be around your area. 

Price: $25

Additional Dogs $5 per dog (3 dogs max)


THE WEAR ME OUT - this option is for dogs that require a more lengthy walk. The walk can be around your area or if there is a particular trail / dog park you would like them to go then we can jump in the car and venture there. The walk will be for one hour and the time starts when we leave your front yard.

Price $40

Additional Dogs $5 per dog (3 dogs max)


LETS ADVENTURE! - This is the special treat for your dog who loves to adventure, and which dog doesn't love an adventure! This adventure walk will include the following

  • 1 x adventure walk on a dog friendly walking path

  • Between 1.5 - 2.5 hours of walking and adventuring through lush green tracks

  • A 3 minute video of the adventure. This can be added to Dropbox for download and will be uploaded to the Elli Lives Where? Facebook Page

Price $100

Additional Dogs $5 per dog (3 dogs max)


To make contact about dog walking please click HERE