Disneyland California


Everything you need to know about Disneyland California 

  • Entry Price: $115 UD / $157 AUD

  • Opening times: 8am - Midnight 

  • Fireworks start 9:30pm

Let me start off by saying that Im that weirdo that hasn’t seen the Lion King so when we decided to go to America and my girlfriends had said that we would start off going to Disneyland in Anaheim, California I couldn’t help feel like a little bit of fraud! 

Funnily enough I was actually super excited about this despite not being a child that grew up with Disney movies. In fact up until the Disneyland day I didn’t think I had seen a Disney movie. I am also bordering on 30..was I too old to go to Disneyland? HELL NO! 

We purchased tickets from the lobby of our hotel, they were not able to provide a discount for a one day pass however buying there help us to avoid lengthy lines at Disneyland. The cost of the ticket was $115USD ($157AUD) 

When arriving at Disneyland they do have sniffer dogs on the look out for explosives. You will have your bags checked and go through a metal detector. 

There is a sort of magical feeling when you walk through the gates at Disneyland, it could be all the excitement of the children around you and the general atmosphere that you are in the happiest place on earth. We went during school time but it was still pretty chaotic. Nearly every person is decked out in some sort of Disney merchandise. There were little girls dressed as their favourite princess and families in matching tops. 

My first stop was to purchase the famous Disney ears. After seeing a girl with rose gold ears on Instagram I had it in my head that I HAD to get these. 

After begrudgingly handing over $25USD ($36AUD) I placed the ears on and it was all worth it. 

disneyland 3.jpg



Everyone I spoke to prior to my holiday warned me not to eat within the park as its really expensive and not that great of food. We did take in some snacks that I had bought from Walmart although found it hard to say no to some of the delicious smelling foods. 


Corn on the cob $5 (USD) 

Massive turkey leg $12 (USD) - my friend bought this and absolutely raved about it

Pizza from Toon town which I highly recommend $12 (USD) this pizza comes in cheese or pepperoni 

Fresh mango / sliced apple $4 (USD) Not sure if its an America thing or just bad luck however the mango was rock hard and not enjoyable. 



  • You can take in your own food 
  • There are fountains to refill your bottled water. Bottles of water within the park are $3.25 USD for a standard size bottle and you will be guaranteed to go through a few on the day.
  • The Fast Pass is free. You take your Disneyland ticket to the ride and scan it in. It will tell you to come back at a certain time and you can go through the fast lane. Make sure you check that the fast lane is actually shorter than the standard lane as we made this mistake and ended up waiting 20 minutes longer than if we were in the standard lane. You can only have one fast lane booked per time.
  • Some rides have single rider lanes so if you’re wanting to go on a ride alone look out for these to save you time. 
  • If you want some Minnie Mouse ears to wear but don’t want to pay the $$$ you can purchase imitation ears from across the road of Disneyland for $5USD and they look the part. 




We landed in Los Angeles and headed straight to Anaheim. We didn’t organise prior transport so we found a guy at the airport that said that he could take us in his shuttle bus to Anaheim for $36 each. Anaheim is approximately 40 minutes from Los Angeles Airport and after 16 hours of travel time we were happy to pay this amount to get us to our beds to fight off this jet lag. 

Being disorganised cost us around $52 extra as there is a shuttle that you can pre book through www.supershuttle.com for $56 (this was based on 3 people) 



I did see parking up the road from Disneyland for $20 USD 



Our accomodation was at Grand Legacy at the Park which was directly across the road from Disneyland. For 4 people and 2 nights it cost us $436 AUD. The room was a standard hotel room with two double beds. The shower and bathroom were a decent size and there was good water pressure. They offered a complimentary ’snack pack’ between 7am - 9am which consisted of a cheese stringer stick, bottle of water, apple and museli bar. There was also a pool that was accessible by your room key and they had seperate pool towel.

If travelling to Disneyland California I would highly recommend these rooms as they are clean, blockout blinds, comfortable and fairly priced. 



Anaheim was an interesting place, we didn’t venture too far from our accomodation as there was nothing really enticing us to walk any further. To me Anaheim is purely there for Disneyland and this is it. There was a small Walmart 25 minute walk from our accomodation. We were able to pick up some snack items to help reduce costs throughout the day in Disneyland. Apart from that there are a few other chain food outlets that you can eat at. If you’re wanting to eat healthy its going to be a challenge. If you want to have a healthy breakfast you will need to buy something from Walmart. 

Supermarket - Walmart Anaheim 

Good Coffee - Star Bucks (15 minute walk from Grand Legacy) 

Tasty Fast Food - El Loco Pollo which is across the road from Walmart. Tasty, cheap Mexican food. I ordered a burrito which came out the size of my head for $8AUD 



We researched possible options of leaving Anaheim to find the best value. We were heading to Venice Beach which is just over an hour in non peak hour traffic.

Public transport was going to take us 3 hours and a whole lot of headaches. 

The hotel were not able to provide us any information on transport. 

We were unable to confirm how much a taxi would approximatley be. 

We went with Uber and were able to select and XL vehicle to ensure our luggage would fit. The Uber cost us $119USD.