My name is Elli and I’m a finance-aholic

Now to acknowledge the elephant in the room (no pun intended).

So here it goes....

My name is Elli and I’m a finance-aholic.  I have an obsession with people’s finances! I’m that annoying friend that has to know the price of everything. Buy a donut at lunch? Guess what.... I want to know the price! Picked up some tea towels from Kmart and you guessed it, I want to know the price.

Sometimes my interest into people’s wallets can be taken the wrong way but in all seriousness I’m just really intrigued about how much things cost.

I don’t know what  sparked my interest in finances however my mum tells me that from a young age I was forever asking to count her money and always wanted to know how much she paid for EVERYTHING. Even when I was struggling at maths in the third grade my mum told my teacher to add a dollar symbol in front of everything, and voila problem solved! Considering how much I loved money it seems ironic that I let myself get drawn  into the big dark world of DEBT.

It all started when I was 18 and believed  the world was my oyster and everything I had ever wanted was just a swipe or a signature away. I got caught up in the whirlpool  of wanting more and more ( a bigger TV, a better car, the newest iPhone... you name it) I was caught into the consumerism trap. From the age of 18 to 27 I managed to rack up credit cards, interest free cards, personal loans, car loans, consolidation loans, bank overdraft and then some more credit cards. I was every banks dream customer and I wanted more and more and  I wasn’t afraid to completely obliterate my credit rating for it. I was on a mission, a mission for happiness and contentment.

At 27 I was facing the likelihood  that my relationship was about to fail and I didn’t even know how I was going to afford to move my belongings let alone afford a place to move them too. I had never been so trapped in my life. All this  credit had bought me so much “freedom” in the last 9 years but the reality was it was squishing me into a deep dark hole and taking away my freedom one swipe at a time.
Being one of those people that push things under the rug and hope they go away,  I was oblivious to  how much debt I was in.


One day I sat at the kitchen table with my head in my hands, my boyfriend  walked in and asked what was wrong. I confessed, “I have so much debt, I’m so fucked that I don’t know how fucked I am”


His response: “well Elli, you’re just going to have to sit down and work it out and go from there!"

As the blog name suggests I broke it down and thought to myself "How do you eat an elephant?" So fast forward a few days and I had finally calculated everything! I’ll go more into this in a future write up when I talk about “my first budget”

I tapped each debt into my calculator and came to a total of $31458.13


Over thirty thousand dollars of looming debt with basically nothing to show for it, except a mountain  of unwanted shitty clothes from Valleygirl and the excess kilos from all the dinners I just couldn’t say no in fear of being the poor friend. I was miserable and trapped.


Ever since I’ve started this, eh journey *cringe* I have wanted to help other people on their path to financial freedom too. I’ve been stumped at how to do this and considered going back to study to learn how to be a financial advisor, I’ve offered all my friends help but as the saying goes , “people ask for help when they are ready, not when you are”

I have worked incredibly hard to get out of this mess and it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t quick but hell it was worth it! For those who know me well, I’m impatient, probably how I managed to get into so much debt to begin with. I lived with the mentality of: MUST HAVE EVERYTHING NOW! Thankfully times have changed!

The best way I could help others was via  this blog. I’m not a financial advisor by any stretch of  the imagination but I have been through the debt trap and came out the other side. I’m living proof that you don’t have to be stuck in debt forever.

Over the next few posts I’ll talk about my relationship with debt, the best break up ever and how I made it happen so please subscribe to keep up to date with my posts and please provide any feedback or suggestions about topics along the way.
Thanks again for reading,