My first blog post - How to eat the elephant

I figured I would get this out the way first, because you know it’s weird and no one to my knowledge actually wants to eat an elephant.

So why did I call the blog "How to eat the elephant?"

Many moons ago I was dating a guy who's dad was my role model and a father figure. I continually looked up to him for how he had built his career, how good he was at networking and his ridiculously dry sense of humour.

Back then I lived with my then boyfriend and his dad, Peter. One night I was sitting at the kitchen table unsure on how to start my assignment.

With my head in my hands, I began to whinge to Peter and said "I don’t know what to do, I don’t even know how to start!"

Being a comedian, his response: “how do you eat an elephant?”

After reminding him for the 48th time that I’m a vegetarian and an elephant isn’t really something I would consider eating he responded with “bit by bit....”

As prolific as I wish I was in reality I responded with a ‘huh?!?’

‘Well...’ he said "If you had to eat an elephant you would do it one bite at a time as you wouldn’t be able to eat the elephant in one go, so like the elephant you need to break this assignment up into smaller work goals to overall reach the main goal!"

*mind blown*

Both this proverb (and my fond memories of Peter) have stuck with me ever since and anytime someone has a large task at hand, my response: “how would you eat an elephant?”

And you guessed it... I always get the same (non prolific response) "huh?!?."

I've spent weeks, if not months racking my brain for a good name with strict criteria: relevance and availability. And BOOM it hit me as I broke down what seemed to be a hard task I applied my own advice and it dawned on me

"How would you eat an elephant?"

I was creating this blog so I could speak freely about how I have achieved my goals in regards to getting out of debt, my personal challenges and everything in between. In my eyes I have already eaten the elephant thus "how to eat the elephant" was created. I hope one day all of my experiences can inspire someone to follow a similar path.


I love adding new proverbs or sayings to my list, so what's your favourite?



Please note that no elephants were harmed in the making of this blog