House Sit 42 - Findon - SA - Australia

I remember seeing the Facebook post, Rhys was in hospital due to a workplace injury with two snapped ankles. After the initial ‘oh my god’ and ‘I hope he is ok’ I remembered that their trip to America was fast approaching. A holiday they had worked and saved so hard for.

I messaged Briony his partner to see what the verdict was for their holiday and she said that due to not taking out travel insurance in time they will be going on the trip regardless of whether Rhys is in a wheel chair or not.

 (Note to self people take out travel insurance as soon as your tickets are purchased!)

Due to the impending holiday and immobility Rhys was determined as ever to get back on his two feet…quite literally. Miraculously he was out of a wheel chair the day of departure, I couldn’t quite believe it. I had already envisioned Briony whisking him around in his wheelchair all over the USA.

So off they were on their trip of a lifetime and I was looking after their precious cat – Jemima. In five minutes of my arrival Jemima became Jem Jem and that would be her name for the next five weeks (sorry Briony and Rhys if she no longer answers to Jemima) As I am friends with the owners I am also friends with their friends and had been warned that Jem Jem was well.. a fierce independent woman who takes no shit from anyone.

I was weary of her at first, thinking that any pat could turn into a savage attack of my hand and I’ll end up right where Rhys was in hospital. Soon enough we built a pretty good bond, maybe because I wasn’t trying to smother her in love she actually gave me attention.

Jem Jem was an absolute delight to look after and I shit you not I said goodbye to her 15 times before leaving for the last time. I often wonder if I was to drop in for a coffee would Jem Jem snub me or remember me as the crazy chick that just kept on saying goodbye.