House Sit 68 - Sheidow Park - SA - Australia


A few months ago a girl from work approached me about house sitting and looking after her beloved baby, Jackson! You know how people love their animals and then there are people that LOVE their animals? Well Meg was one of those people that BLOODY LOVE THEIR ANIMALS! This was apparent from our first discussion, it was evident that Jackson meant everything to her and she wanted to make sure that he was going to be ok while she was gone and in safe hands. She had come to the right person! 

Soon enough Meg was on her way to Toowoomba and I was on my way down South to hang with Jacko for 3 nights. Now remember how I said that Meg LOVED her pooch well she has pictures framed of him throughout the house. These are the kind of owners that I love, people that love their animals like crazy. 

At 14 years old it would be strange if Jackson wasn’t on any geriatric drugs, Meg warned me that he might be a little funny with taking his tablets and he is in no way food orientated! Thankfully Jackson was on his best behaviour for me and after had his tablets with no wrestling matches to put WWE to shame.

We had some pretty hefty weather, and both of us woke up in the middle of the night to the wind gusting at some crazy speeds. I was laying there wishing that I had put the car in the garage as I was certain that the roof was going to detach from the house and squash the car. 

Jackson and I woke up in the morning cuddled up in bed and were pleased to see that the house was still in tact and nothing had impaled the car. 

Jackson was an absolute delight to look after and I only wish that I got to spend more time with him.