House Sit 47 - Alberton - SA - Australia

This block of time I had previously blocked out for the possibility of some interstate travel. However when things didn’t go to plan I didn’t stress, one thing that this job has taught me is that things do seem to work out.

I’d received an enquiry from an owner looking for a house sitter whilst she visited America. Today was her lucky day because I had the dates available and it was also my lucky day because I was part way through an 8 week challenge and the gym was 5 minutes from her house!

Soon enough I was moving my mountain of belongings in, although I like to think of myself as a bit of a minimalist however every time I have to move to a new house I’m kindly reminded by my full to the brim Swift that I'm not as much of a minimalist as I believe.

I would be looking after Toby the Australian Silky Terrier and Delilah the Tabby, both rescues from the Animal Welfare League. The home was bursting with character, from the original floorboards to the high ceilings the house was boasting its era.

Toby is by far the most obedient, well behaved dog I have ever looked after (sorry to my dog obedience friends out there but Tobes takes the cake!) Toby is able to be walked without a lead and he will just walk by your side, he comes back as soon as you call him and it really feels like he understands everything you say.

Delilah loved to have a smooch and when I say smooch I mean she was always licking me, she was almost like a dog with the independence of a cat!