House Sit 46 - Grange - SA - Australia


This was not my first rodeo with Maggie, I had looked after her the year before when she was a puppy and what a rodeo that was. She was the happiest little puppy but she did have an obsession with my socks and thought it was a game when I tried to get them back off of her. She was also well clued onto bed time and would quite literally run away from me when it was time to go to bed. Now that Maggie was a bit older she had lost the interest in my socks and was ok with going to bed. She was still the happiest bloody dog I’ve ever seen! From the moment I walked in that tail did not stop wagging. The wagging is so intense that her whole but moves with it, Maggie was the Kim Kardashian of dogs!

I was in love with this house sit, Maggie was a breeze to look after and a friendly face to greet me every day, I was living close to my friends, the neighbourhood was quiet and the kitchen was updated with all the mod cons.

Maggie did do some redecorating during my stay which included a pillow, her bed and my yoga step by step guide. Now most dogs would be a little sheepish when they have done something naughty, not this one. She ran laps through all the fluff as I was trying to pick it up which made for a good laugh. Maggie was the kind of dog that reminded you to not take life too seriously.