House Sit 44 - Hallett Cove - SA - Australia

I pulled up to the house sit and saw an unknown male in the driveway with the roller door up, I thought to myself “I must be at the wrong house” I did a uturn and came back and upon return the unknown person had disappeared. I knew I was at the right house as I recognised the porch that I had previously day dreamed sitting on reading my book. I pulled up and parked on the road incase I was at the wrong house and I would only have to complete a walk of shame rather than a walk then reverse of shame. I poked my head through the garage and called out “helllloooooo” and there was no answer. I thought it was odd, and knew that my memory was getting bad but surely I wasn’t getting THAT OLD that I was making things up in my head. Oh no I started to think, I hope someone hadn’t broken in. I opened the door and yelled out hellllooo slightly louder. Still no response, by this point I was becoming convinced that in the few hours that the owners hadn’t been home they had been broken into. My eyes darted around the house quickly ensuring that everything was still in place, I realise now I was more worried about the home rather than the safety of myself #awardwinninghousesitter

I slowly walked through the house, calling out hello and further convincing myself that someone had broken in but not yet stolen anything. I then saw a young guy pressing the roller door button “HA I FOUND THE INTRUDER”. Suddenly he said hello back.

Um, ok what do you mean? I was ready to fight and take down said intruder and he was making pleasantries? This isn’t how it is in the movies!

Whilst jogging my memory for all of Bruce Lee’s moves I realised who this intruder was, it was the owner’s nephew that from time to time comes by. I introduced myself to him and he awkwardly said that he was going to have a shower and that if I need him to call out. I unpacked the car and wondered what an earth I would need in the next 10 minutes that he would be in the shower. I knew what I did need and that was to get to work!

I returned later that afternoon and was warmly greeted by Elmo the doggy and Zara the cat. These two appear to have mixed their identities as Elmo ran away and hid from me whilst Zara would not stop following me everywhere I went…everywhere. She followed me by my side for the next half an hour.

The house was nestled in the suburbs of Hallett Cove and you could see the beach from the porch. The home boasted an incredible extension for the living and kitchen area with big windows that allowed an abundance of light to come through.

Whilst unpacking I noticed there was an air fryer on the bench. I had been waiting for a house sit to have an air fryer and almost couldn’t contain my excitement. Soon enough I was knees deep in potato gems and onion rings, this would now become the next four weeks of my life. Elli Lives … for the airfryer.

Hard day at work? Airfryer

Feeling lazy? Airfryer

Had one to many wines? Airfryer

I was starting to become concerned that I would soon be rolling out of this house sit. Between the airfryer, onions rings and potato gems the only exercise I was getting was walking to the bus or going to Aldi to buy, well more onion rings.

I was telling anyone that listened about the airfryer and I’m sure Elmo and Zara were becoming sick of the faint smell of onion rings.

This four week house sit went incredibly quickly and I was due to depart this house sit. I was so sad to go, Elmo and Zara were so wonderful to look after and I really felt like I was at home in this house.