House Sit 37 - Walkley Heights - SA - Australia

Due to a cancellation I was struggling to book in these particular dates for a house sit. I was scrolling through Trusted House Sitters as I do, looking at all the places around the world that I could one day house sit in and saw one in Adelaide for the dates that I needed to fill. I could not believe my luck I sent through my application as fast as I could because one thing I learnt in the early days is that these spots go fast.  Soon enough I had located in the house sit and I was going to look after Charlie and Chloe whilst their humans when away to Renmark.  Chloe and Charlie are not your average doggies and I was warned about this whilst on the phone to the client. Everything she was saying was what I had read about Litter Mates.

When I came to the house to meet them I was instructed not to touch or interact with the girls as they are highly strung and anxious. The girls barked and ran around my feet. The owner was concerned that I would be frightened of them however as they were small and their tails were still wagging the statement made me laugh more that worry.

True to their word the girls were very standoffish with me the whole time I was there. We were all happy just keeping our distance from one another.

One day I got a bit ballsy when they had been seeming to warm to be and tried to give one a treat and that was enough to set them off and I was quite sure I was about to say goodbye to my meaty ankles.

Soon enough the girls calmed down, my ankles stayed intact and we were back to playing the distance game again.