HOUSE SIT 36 - O'Halloran Hill - SA - Australia

House sit 36 was up in O’Halloran Hill, another short stint with two beautiful cats named Harry and Poppy whilst their humans went up to the Sunshine Coast. The owner had been following me on Facebook for some time and saw that I had an opening from a cancellation. Generally I would organise a meet and greet before accepting a job however her sense of humour put me at ease.

The home has been renovated and had a bathroom to absolutely die for. This was one of those times that I took photos of the bathroom because it was exactly what I would love. Grey and white tiles, free standing bath and a wooden bench, I was in heaven. When I first arrived I fed the kids, let them outside and jumped straight into that bath, relaxation was at an all-time high.  They had a big back yard with great lawn to read my book in the sunshine whilst the cats had their outside time.

Harry was slightly more sociable that Poppy, and would come up and brush against your legs reminding you that it is dinner time. Poppy would stay away being quite cautious at first although after a few hours she did warm up to me. I learnt pretty quickly that the kids didn’t appreciate being picked up but did enjoy a good pat and scratch under the chin.

What was the cherry on the cake with this house sit is when I went to look up where the bus was it didn’t tell me that I had X amount of metres / km’s to walk. I was a bit confused but figured it must have been close. The next day I went to leave for the bus and the bright yellow stop was next door, literally next door. I have never been so close to a bus stop before, it’s those small things in life that make you smile!