House Sit 34 - Blackwood - SA - Australia

House sit 34 you may recognise from all my website photos as I was previously here on house sit 17! I was so happy to be back in this house in summer with my favourite tree swing. 
The owners have been completing a massive extension of the house which actually started when I was first there. It was so cool to see how the house has been transforming since I was last there. They were worried with how I would find it with the renos in full swing. I guess the biggest thing for me was not walking around in my underwear, or leaving the bathroom door open whilst in the shower. The first morning I was out organising the animals and talking to the tradies, without paying attention I took the hose off the tap to refill the water. Little to my knowledge I didn’t know the tap was running full bore. Whilst being drenched my first reaction was to put the hose back on the tap which is near impossible with furiously running water which made the water shoot straight into my face. My wits finally came to me and I turned the tap off. Credit to the tradies that they managed to hold in their laughter until I started laughing.   
I had gotten used to the tradies being there and it was actually really nice having other humans around, it was like having roommates without any of the cons like dirty dishes and unpaid bills. Then one day I woke up and they weren’t there, I was a bit devastated as I had enjoyed their warm presence in the morning. 
The last time I was looking after this house it was in the winter, now that it was summer I could really enjoy the beautiful enormous garden and each day I spent time on the lawn reading my book and throwing the stick for the doggies. 
Murphy and Taylor absolutely love exploring around Blackwood and there are so many trails to go on. Despite it being daylight savings it always felt like we ran out of daylight quickly and soon enough we had to head back. 
Bailey the big fluffy ragdoll had half his size purely from his summed malt! I wish I could half my size come summer, wouldn’t that be the dream! 
It was so lovely to be back at this amazing family home and to be able to enjoy it through summer. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before I’m back again!