House Sit 33 - Brighton - SA - Australia

House sit 33 was booked in last minute by some friends that needed to do a quick trip to Port Lincoln. I had just gotten off the plane from Brisbane and enroute to their home to pick up the keys and have the run through. I was looking after Lexi and Ollie the boxers, they are both nothing short of adorable!

When I arrived the following day Ollie was a little cautious of me although I had been warned that he would (I’m having flashbacks of Dudley from the previous sit)

Adelaide was currently going through one of its brutal heat waves and it was over 40 degrees.  Thankfully the house was easy to keep cool and had good air conditioning. The doggies and I spent a lot of time inside as it was just far too hot to be outside. On the first night Lexi joined me in bed for cuddles and Ollie went and slept in his room, yes the doggies have their OWN room with their OWN queen size bed!

Over the course of the night Ollie must have decided that I was ok and decided to join in the slumber party. From then Ollie became part of our bestie tribe and he soaked up all the affection he could get his white paws on. This was only a short stay but I’m already booked in for two more sits at the end of the year! It won’t be long until I’m back kids!