House Sit 35 - Marden - SA - Australia

Here we have another house sit I had previously done at the very start of my house sitting career. Being back here gave me so many warm fuzzy feelings. This house I fell in love with, it was here that I realised that house sitting is what I loved to do. I had this incredible sense of ’the world is my oyster’. I stumbled across this incredible videographer Sam Evans and was absolutely captivated by all his work, to this day I still follow Sam via Instagram and Snapchat and love seeing how he has evolved over the past year.  It's also the house that I stared on Today Tonight in – click here to see me awkwardly talk about how awesome this lifestyle is. 
This time round it was only a short sit which was sad as I love this house and the tribe. The doggies Nellie and Scout have so much personality, the cats have even more and who doesn’t like collecting eggs from chickens.