House Sit Thirty Two - Murarrie - QLD - Australia

As the end of the year was approaching I thought I would take two weeks off house sitting, work and any responsibility and just take life as it comes moving between friend’s shacks, the beach and anything in between.  I had been approved Christmas leave from work which is not a given so I was looking forward to being able to have Christmas off with my friends who were also off at this time.

As the date was getting closer it dawned on me that Christmas leave is not a given for me and I should make use of this time off.  I started looking at interstate house sits on Trusted House Sitters and found the perfect house sit in Qld. The best bit was their parents were also going to be away and they had a big property with a pool and Foxtel and I was able to use their car to get there!

I had emailed the owner and they seemed as excited as me to come up. Soon enough I was booking my flights to Brisbane to look after the beautiful Great Dane – Dudley!

I was about to become an INTERSTATE HOUSE SITTER -**insert overjoyed excited squealing here**

The house sit was due to start on Boxing Day however flights were a lot cheaper on Christmas night so I organised to fly in after Christmas lunch and stay at their home and they would come back from their Christmas shenanigans on Boxing Day.

Soon enough it was fly out day and mum had dropped me off at the airport. I got into Brisbane and got an Uber to their home. It was this crazy feeling rocking up to an empty house in a different state but I was just so happy to be there.  I remember walking up the stairs and seeing their balcony with amazing views however it was dark so I could just see the streetlights but I could not wait to see what the view in the daytime held for me.

Soon enough it was morning and Dudley was arriving with his humans.  Dudley was sporting his own hangover from playing at Christmas and was rather tired, me on the other hand was so excited to have a new best friend.

Boxing day Duds and I hung out in the lounge room. Given his size he has his own king single bed in the lounge room! I had big grand plans of exploring every inch of Brisbane but reality was I spent a lot of time in the pool and on the couch watching telly. For the first time in that year I was able to completely and utterly RELAX. I find that back in Adelaide I have numerous to do lists and there is always something that needs doing so when I was able to take that break I really hit it for six.

Dudley wasn’t that interested in me to begin with and I wasn’t sure if it was because we were basically the same size, or a Great Dane trait. Then day three rolled around and BAM Dudley was my best friend attached to my hip. Seriously this guy would follow me up and down the stairs, into the shower and everywhere in between. The only place he wouldn’t follow me is when he knew it was bed time and that he had to go outside. Now just take a second to appreciate when a living being the same size of you refuses to move or budge at all, and you’re trying to lure them downstairs with treats, toys, singing, pretending something is super exciting… nothing would work. There were a few times that I was coming close to giving up and letting him sleep inside but didn’t want to start any bad habits.

Dudley had a box of children’s toys, yes children’s one as normal dog toys would be wayyyy too small for him and he would probably inhale them.Dudley loved to pull out every single one of his toys and spread them around the lounge room, it was like he was a child wanting to show me all the cool toys he has. So each day we went through the process of him pulling out all his toys and then me putting them all away.

From Brisbane I decided that I would go and explore Byron Bay for three days after. Dudley’s mum had kindly offered me to drive her car and meet her in Coolangatta and then she would drive me to Byron.  

The day had come that I was leaving the Duds and heading out to Byron, I hooked up my phone and sung my little heart out the whole way to Coolie and then Abby drove me to Byron where we spoke about Dudley, previous travel experiences and future travel plans. Abby was an absolute delight to drive with and there was never a moment of silence. Hopping out of the car was like leaving a good friend behind, we hugged goodbye and I went onto my next venture – to read about my Byron Bay trip click here