House sit 29 was in the inner Southern suburb of Pasadena, just a short walk from the well-known Pasadena Foodland (seriously if you have not been here you need to go!)

I was looking after Otis and Lu whilst their mum and care giver was off to Bali.

Lu was staying with Otis whilst his mum travelled the world for a year. I have known Otis since he was a new born and he gets cuter and younger looking as the years go by, as his mum would say he is the real life Benjamin Button. He honestly looked like a little teddy bear that you would find in a shop window.

Despite knowing Otis many years ago when his mother and I worked together he must not have remembered me as he was very cautious when I first arrived. He would spend a lot of his time under the bed whilst Lu would happily meet me at the door with lots of kisses and cuddles.  After lots of encouragement and bribery with treats he finally became comfortable with me and would snuggle up with me on the couch. At night he still remained under the bed however Lu would spend all night under the quilts with me.

The home was a 2 bedroom apartment that the owner was in the process of renovating. This is something that is on my list of possibilities when I am ready to buy so it was great being able to spend time in the home and being able to imagine myself living there.  

The owner had the best of the best for all her kitchen equipment and one thing I randomly fell in love with were the Country Road tea towels. So much so I had to buy some for my mum so she could see how amazing they are. So if you’re on the lookout for new tea towels I suggest taking a look at the Country Road ones as they are incredible.