House sit 22 was located up in Onkaparinga Hills, approximately 30kms South of Adelaide.

I was looking after the family tribe as the humans went on a trip of a life time to Canada.

The dog was shipped off to a family friend and I was looking after the birds, 5 chooks, 2 ducks, a rabbit and a cat named skitty kitty. Apparently skitty kitty was a bit of a wandering soul that decided to just make herself at home one day, the more I think about it the more that Skitty Kitty and I have in common!

The first night I nestled into bed early as I had been quite sick during the week. All of a sudden I was woken up to my name being called by someone INSIDE the house. My instant thought was mum as when I was a child she would call out my name to wake me up for school. So you can imagine my horror when I realised that I was 27 years old, not at home and that wasn’t my mum calling out my name. I sat up in bed with my heart pounding out of my chest in a state of fear. The voice called out that it was the owners’ niece. It appears in all the excitement for the big white mountains and grizzly bears someone forgot to tell me that a family member would be staying for a couple of nights.  I looked at the time and it was 1:40am! As I tried to gather my thoughts together, meanwhile trying to reason to myself as to why someone was in the house and try and convince myself to get back to sleep Iquickly realised that I really do need to do that self-defence course that I had been thinking of doing for the past 10 years.

As the niece would be staying for the weekend and able to look after the animals I resorted to a friend’s house for the weekend to try and regain my nerves again.

On Sunday night I returned to the home, I was slightly uneasy as I was expecting someone to jump out all the time but luckily I was still so tired that I just popped the TV on with the sleep timer and crashed out for the night.

In the morning I ventured outside to all the ducks and chooks happy to see me. I went and refreshed all the water bowls, I put the hose down for a few seconds and the duckies waddled over and went face first into the hose, they loved the water. It was such a funny sight to see, I wish I had my phone on to take a video!

I spent one week at the house sit as I was due at my previously booked house sit so they had another person staying. In that time I was unable to get a photo of skitty the kitty as she remained true to her name.

They had a rabbit on the property who loved corn on the cob and my left over spinach leaves.

The property also had big aviaries full of chirping birds, it was quite the delight to wake up to. It made you feel like you were far far away in the middle of a forest with no work or responsibilities in sight and that was such a wonderful way to wake up.