House sit 21 is located in the coastal hills of Sheidow Park approximately 25km South of Adelaide City.

The first 2 days the owner’s brother was looking after the home and I was coming to complete the rest of the house sit. Now the owner gave me strict instructions that the cat was not allowed outside, a beautiful Ragdoll I completely understood why. She warned me that as soon as I open the door Audrey would be meowing and under my feet. I was so conscious of this, when I arrived I went in with only my phone and keys. I opened the door ever so carefully and there was no meow… no cat…

I thought to myself, don’t panic. Maybe she is just sleeping. I went and searched the house… nothing. I messaged the owner’s brother to ask if he had accidentally let the cat out.

As I waited for a response I thought I better just unpack the car and try and work out the best way to break it to the owners that I need a photo of their beloved cat to put up on Lots Dogs (and cats) of Adelaide. The car was unpacked and I still hadn’t bought myself the courage to potentially ruin the couples holiday. I figured I would feed the dog, Maverick who was bounding with joy at the back door, as I opened the back door guess who came strolling up, Audrey the beautiful ragdoll. It appears she had snuck outside when the owner’s brother was leaving. I was overcome with relief that she was ok and home and I didn’t have to potentially ruin someone’s holiday.

Audrey was very weary of me and didn’t want to come close so I let her be and soaked up the cuddles from Maverick the beautiful boxer.

Soon enough it was bed time and I jumped into bed alongside Mav, oh my god who knew an animal could snore so loud. I couldn’t stop laughing at how loud he was. He was like having a boyfriend again, all I needed him to do was let out a few rippers and I would have had the boyfriend package!

Audrey had a change of heart at approximately 4am and came up and rubbed her face into mine whilst purring almost at the same level and old mate Mac’s snoring. I was happy that she had come around so quickly and I took the opportunity to give her lots of pats so she knew I wasn’t scary.

Unfortunately during my stay I fell quite ill with a bacterial infection so Mav was got to soak up all my couchbound-ness and live it up watching Dr Phil and other bad daytime TV.