House sit 20 was located a stroll away from the Adelaide Airport in Brooklyn Park. It was a large family home that the “kids” had now vacated and the parents were off to Europe for a big cruise. They had rescued their furbaby Buddha from the RSPCA. Buddha is a sharpei x staffy and you can easily see both these breeds in him. He is stocky like a staffy and his face resembles the sharpei with his adorable rolls yet you can still see staffy in his face.

Buddha loved going on his morning walk around the streets of Brooklyn Park, each morning we went off walking and letter box dropping my adverts. One morning Buddha had stopped on one of the busy roads and started doing this weird spinning in circles thing, I thought it was hilarious and pulled my phone out to capture the moment and in the instant that I started filming, he started poo’ing. All of a sudden to the heavy traffic on Airport Road I looked like a perverted freak that likes to capture animal’s defecating, that’s Budds!

Buddha loved to curl up on his bed next to the couch for a slumber, I just loved Buddha so much that one night I moved his bed into my bedroom. All of a sudden I woke  up and I was on the edge of the bed awkwardly twisted, it seemed that Buddha took my offer to the next level and decided to join me for cuddles. I tried to tell him that he had to go to bed but he was either in too deep of a sleep or having me on so I left it until the morning and moved his bed back out to the lounge room. Each morning I would wake up from my alarm and shortly after I could hear Buddhas big tail banging into things and he wagged it in excitement for our morning venture.

Buddha and I became the best of friends during the time that I spent with him. The last few days leading up to my departure I would talk to him whilst I was getting ready and telling him that I will miss him dearly and that hopefully one day I’ll be back in hope that by some miracle he could understand what I was saying.

As with people you have stronger bonds with some people more than others and with Buddha we really were the best of friends. My last morning there I feel like he knew what was happening as he followed me everywhere I was going until I left for work. Lucky for Buddha, or as I call him Budds his humans will be back that tonight and will be overwhelmed with joy to see him, as will he be excited to see them.