House sit 17 was nothing short of spectacular, this beautiful home nestled in the leafy suburb of Blackwood was built in 1900, at 116 years old it’s incredible to think how many stories and secrets it holds.  

On 2500m of land it’s almost as if you are secluded from the whole world, covered with green grass, big trees and a beautiful villa style home.

The first thing to catch my eye was the swing hanging from the street. The inner child was activated and I could not wait to get on there and swing my heart out, all whilst hoping that the tree could support the weight of an adult.

I was looking after Taylor and Murphy the border collies, Bailey the rag doll cat and the guinea pigs.  I formed such an amazing bond with all the animals here and it was incredibly hard to say goodbye. On my last Saturday there I cleared my calendar and planned to have a lazy day with the fur kids in the lounge room by the fire. I took the opportunity of the beautiful surroundings and did a little photo shoot and put my wonderful mother in charge of photo duties.