House sit fourteen was located in the suburb of Payneham South, which is North East of Adelaide. I was looking after Crystal the cat and Lulu the turtle whilst their mama was holding a seminar in Bali. This house had a wonderful energy to it and I felt at home within minutes of arriving.

I fell in love with Crystal the moment I first saw her. When I first met Crystal she had been shaved for the warmer months and had a big head and paws full of fur. Now we were in winter her coat had grown back and she was the biggest ball of fluff. Crystal and I bonded immediately; well I like to think we did. She would never sit on your lap but she was happy to sit behind you or next to you.

Lulu is the first turtle I have ever looked after and I was warned to pick her up on her side otherwise she will try and bite your hand. Lulu was removed from her tank each morning and put into a smaller bowl full of water for her feeding time, this reduced the frequency that her tank needed to be cleaner. Soon enough I had the knack of picking her up and avoiding any turtle nibbles to the hand.