House sit sixteen was for my high school Bestie and her fiancé. They live in Mitchell Park with is South of the Adelaide CBD. They were jet setting off to Thailand for a well-deserved break with their friends and family.

I was in charge of Bruce and Pancakes, Bruce is a one year old Rottweiler and Pancakes in the bunny, and yes contrary to the popular belief that rotties are these vicious beasts Bruce is friends with the fluffy little Pancakes.

The house is a new three bedroom townhouse, which meant stairs! Now Bruce bounds up and down the stairs, there is no grace in his step. The first time I went down the stairs Bruce came roaring out from the bedroom and bounding down the stairs, I squealed and grabbed onto the railing for dear life all whilst laughing hysterically at how this would look if there was a camera set up. From that moment Bruce thought the stairs was a game and I am quite certain his agenda was to bowl me over. I soon learnt that if I made him go down or up the stairs before me I wouldn’t end up being a victim to the stampede by Rottweiler.

Bruce and I shared lots of love over pizza and crumpets. As the nights entertained pretty ferocious weather Bruce stayed inside with me. I would often wake up with the 50kg mass on top of me thinking it was great to cuddle, meanwhile I was waiting for my ribs to start snapping under the pressure.

Soon enough their parents were due back from Thailand and it was incredibly hard to leave Bruce and Pancakes as I had formed such a tight bond with them. Lucky for me I’ll still be able to go over for cuddles and sing “Bruce Bruce, Bruce of the jungle watch out for that beat”