House sit nine was a family home in the suburb of Broadview, the family were off to Malaysia and I was bought in to look after their 8 month old puppy Bella the pug.

Bella was bounding with energy, she never stopped she had endless amounts of explosive personality and lapped up the attention that anyone was willing to give.

I was warned of Bellas love for toilet paper although one morning had forgotten to close the bathroom door, whilst I was enjoying my morning shower all of a sudden Bella ROOARRRS into the bathroom straight to the toilet paper holder. She grabs the toilet paper and runs, literally runs out the bathroom. So here is me in the shower wet and covered in body wash and I have jumped out of the shower and chasing her through the room and into the hallway. Meanwhile water and toilet paper do not mix well and after what seems like a battle to the end I finally get the toilet paper off Bella and I resemble something of a paper mache school project whilst Bella is looking quite pleased with her.

Unfortunately Bellas health took a turn for the worst whilst she was in my care. I had popped her into her crate for the night and when I had woken up she wasn’t in a good way. Being the Easter long weekend I wanted to make contact with her owners before taking her down to emergency. Within a few minutes I had Bella in the car and we were on our way to the Animal Emergency. Bella was admitted whilst they completed testing. In the end they never really worked out what was wrong with little Bella and what was the cause for her taking a turn for the worse.

Bella soon returned to her normal energetic self and it was as if nothing had ever happened.