This house sit was an extremely short house sit of only two nights. As I was just starting out I was taking anything I could in a hope that word of mouth start taking shape and I would get more and more bookings. 

This house sit was in Oaklands Park SA, the kids were off at band camp and the parents wanted to make use of not having the kids with a short getaway to Mclaren Vale. 

They have Simba the Beagle and Leo the Spoodle. Simba is incredibly frightened of new people and will often bark at them and run away. Of course with that in mind it became my mission to be able to get Simba to feel comfortable with me although with only 2 days to make this happen the goal was quite unrealistic. 

Although we did not become the best of friends that I had hoped she did allow me to come close to her and she was ok with me being in the house which was enough of an achievement for me. 

Leo on the other hand loves cuddles and people interaction and would curl up on the couch with me whilst I watched TV.