House sit six was in the western suburbs of Adelaide in Seaton. This house sit was for a couple I worked with who were heading to Bali for a couple of relaxing weeks... un unsuspected babymoon as Kelly Ann had been blessed with the news of finding out that they were expecting! 

The home is a beautiful modern home with a kitchen that felt like you were on a cooking show! 

They had an elderly girl named Nahlah and a ginger ninja of a cat named Hyde, quite literally he was a ninja with how he could open doors! They even had special locks put on the doors to ensure that he couldn't get into the main house at night. 

Nahlah was a beautiful old girl who loved to sleep, oh did she love to sleep. She would sometimes try and sneak into Hydes room to get him food (yes Hyde has his own room!) although you could hear her long nails clipping on the floorboards and could catch her before she got any of his food.