House sit five was in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide in Munno Para in a defence home. 

The young family were on their way to Qld and had left their home and 2 doggies for me to look after. We have Jerry the Jack Russel and Jasmine the Silky Terrier. 

I tell you what it was weird going from a home with 2 big dogs, cats and chooks to a home with two tiny dogs. 

I instantly felt at home and it wasn't long until I was unpacked and sitting on the couch, on the other couch was Jerry and Jasmine looking at me wondering who I was and what I was doing there. 

Jerry loves fetch and when I say he loves it he LOVES it. This guy could go for hours! Jasmine also liked fetch but not nearly as much as Jerry. 

This house sit was for a week, although it was a lot further out from the city than i'm used to it actually took me the same amount of time on the train to get to work. I was also able to catch the train with my best friend at work which was a nice change to being on my own