So from the last house sit I quite literally drove around the corner to my next house sit. My friends Paul and Flic were going over to America for not only a well deserved break but for Paul to attend the Miami Music Conference and show them his new tracks that he has been making.

They have a beautiful rottweiler named Hugo that has to be the smartest dog I have ever known. My favourite trick of Hugo's is to be able to bark on demand. This can make you feel at ease if you hear a noise outside you can get him to bark and scare off anything that might be out there. 

Typically rottweilers are known for being good guard dogs, this is further from the truth with Hugo. 99% of the time I got home I had to go looking for him in the back yard as he was too busy snoozing away. 

He would come up to the bed at night and pop his head on the side waiting to be invited up, many nights were spent sharing the bed with Hugo. 

He loved going on walks and running down at the oval, he also loved the beach and we spent a few good mornings down there froliking in the sand and the water