House Sit One - West Hindmarsh - SA - Australia

 I was lucky enough to debut my house sitting career with beautiful Mabel. A siberian forest kitten owned by my two dear friends, Simon and Olivia. 

Simon and Olivia were heading to Japan for a well deserved break after launching their very own business this year called Itty Bitty Bunch. So in return I was lucky enough to stay in the Itty Bitty Bunch headquarters with Mabel in stride. 

Mabel being only 6 months old loved to play and screech around the house. Her dad had warned me of the crazy sounds that she would make but nothing could prepare me for the day it happened, I almost jumped up onto the kitchen table! 

Mabel loved to follow me everywhere, to the kitchen, to bed, to the toilet and she even sat outside the shower screen and waited patiently until I came out.