House sit 24 was a beautiful new home located in the Park Holme, right next to the original Marion Swimming Centre.  The humans were off to Bali and I was looking after their two furbabies, Tody the Boston Terrier and Louis the French Bulldog. Now these two just scream ADORABLE. There is no way you could not fall in love at first sight with these two.  They were absolutely entertaining to watch, they loved each other… quite a bit =P

With every house sit I always take note of things I love about the house to keep in mind when I finally build. With this house I could literally just say build me one exactly the same and furnish with everything the same and I would be in love. The bedroom boasted big windows which overlooked the vineyard across the road. I could not believe that I could be in the middle of suburbia and be looking out the window onto a vineyard, it was quite picturesque.

During this house sit we had the Great South Australian Blackout. I was at work when this took place and I though hell from the last house sit I have this in the bag. I left work and exactly the same time as the other thousands of city employees did, the trams and some trains were also down so the buses became quite chaotic. I waited for one and a half hours to get on a bus and even then it was each for their own to get on the bus. Usually I’m polite and will always let someone go in front but all I could think of was getting home to Tody and Louis and getting us set up for the night.

On the way home there was a big ordeal on the road and there was a little sausage dog running at full pelt. Everyone was jumping out of their cars trying to grab him. It was my turn to get off the bus and I’m always wanting to be able to help out a lost dog so I joined in on the rush. By then there was around 7 of us trying to corner this dog, even the bus driver had hoped off the bus to assist. Finally we had the dog cornered but it was under a really low sports car. I was on one side trying to get the dog to move towards the bus driver who was on the other side finally I got him to move and the bus driver got hold of his collar. Unfortunately the car being very low the little snag got caught. Luckily there were a few guys there that were able to lift the car. As soon as he lifted the car the bus driver was able to pull the doggy out and he attacked the driver, the poor little thing must have been so frightened. The guys used their jumpers to cover the mouth and then they said that they would take him to the vet for scanning. So on my way home I went as the sun was going down quickly and I was running out of time to get the house organised. I had to walk across the ‘picturesque’ vineyard which was not very picturesque anymore, I was trying for dear life not to get taken by the wind all whilst avoiding the big puddles that had formed. Finally I was home and Tody and Louis were none the wiser of the whole ordeal that was happening in Adelaide.

Luckily for me the home owner is an avid candle lover. I opened up one of the cupboards and a whole cupboard full of Ecoya was staring back at me. I finally found a couple that had already been burnt and got those ready. I kept searching the house and found a whole tub full of tea light candles. I could not believe it, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I started lighting all the candles quickly as I was basically out of light. Thankfully their stove top was gas so I was able to make up a delicious pasta dish. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door and I though oh god, someone is taking the opportunity to rob me for the two adorable puppies. Usually a knock at the door wouldn’t frighten me but I was only just thinking about how it would be a good opportunity for someone to rob a person’s house as there is no electricity and all the networks were down, and this was the best house on the street for sure someone was going to target this one.

I slowly made my way to the door, and put on my biggest bravest hello. “hello pumpkin” bellowed back, it was my mum! Thank god, although sometimes she can be scarier than a ram raid. She came in with a whole heap of solar lights for me to get through the night.

Thankfully the next day the power was on and everything resumed as per normal.

I was so sad to be leaving this house sit, I had absolutely fallen in love with both the boys and their crazy characteristics.