House sit 25 was located in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide. Birkenhead was a short stroll from the iconic Semaphore Road. I was looking after Loki the cat whilst their family were off to Hawaii for a wedding. Loki was a come and go short of guy, he was always up for a cuddle though when he did decide to come home. I absolutely loved living in Birkenhead as I was just around the corner from my best friend, I was a short stroll to all the cafes and shops on Semaphore Road and I was able to train at the gym with my best friend again.

Loki loved sitting in the window sill and sunbaking. He wasn't a very vocal kitty but when he wanted to come inside he would knock at the door. Loki became my alarm before the alarm, he would start knocking on the door at approximately 5.30 and my alarm was set to go off at 5.40.  I was able to wake up before my alarm (which I love) and get up and let him in and start my day. 

Hopefully it wont be long until I am back in Loki's house looking after him again