House sit 23 was located in the Northern Subrbs of Munno Para. The family were off to go camping for the week and I was going to be looking after the beautiful Silky Terrier, Ebony.

Ebony was full of energy and when I say full I mean FULL. At 10 years old she did not appear to be a day over 1. She was always darting across the house and loved playing chasey.

3 nights in I experienced my first ever blackout.. Well black out whilst house sitting. I knew that it was inevitable the day would come but no matter how much you prepare it will always catch you by surprise. I was just finishing up making my lunch for the next day and BAM all lights went out. There I was standing in a strangers house in my pink doggy fluffy pyjamas and all I wanted to do was scream and run out the house. Unfortunately being on your own screaming and running out of the house will literally achieved nothing. After that moment of fear I put on my big girl pants, well hypothetical big girls pants as I was still sporting the fluffy jim jams and I realised that I had to find my phone, which for the first time in 15 years was not in a one metre radius. Navigating around someone’s else in the dark can make for an interesting adventure.  I finally found my phone and turned on the torch and made my way outside. I was quietly thanking the person that taught me how to check the meter box. I flicked the switch and we were back in action!

Being in Munno Para was great as I was able to visit my girlfriend Brooke and help her out with her small business Littlebo and Co. I loved the fact that I could jump in the car after work and visit her.

A couple of nights later I had the same issue with the power, right I thought I know what’s going on and I can easily fix this. Turns out I was wrong, after 45 minutes of trying to get the power on I was at a loss. I had turned off every.single. powerpoint in the entire house and was unable to locate the issue. I was on the phone to the owners all whilst turning off more appliances, moving fridges, bookcases and climbing behind furniture. Just as we thought we had worked it out and were saying our goodbyes BAM it went out again. They made the decision to come home the following day and agreed that I could leave that night. Now I had the task of packing up all my stuff in the dark with a phone torch. I felt like I had spread myself out over the house more than normal. My phone battery had 3% on it. So I sat in the car charging my phone enough to get more light.

Finally I had my life packed up and little Ebony was fed. Thankfully for the owners the holiday was only cut short by one day.